It’s possible that you’ll never meet a nicer gentleman than Kedar Joshi. His winsome & ever-positive personality immediately made an impact on Finch Photo clients. Rarely do you find someone so gregarious & easy to relate to. And on the photography side, he is rare blend of technical precision & inventiveness. The mix results in a beautiful outcome. And let’s face it, he can rock a bow-tie like few can. Growing up in Nagpur IN, Kedar has seemingly always had a knack for all things creative. After graduating high-school, he work creatively for many clients, before moving back . And for much of 2014, Kedar has been main lead photographer & has quickly assumed the position of managing Photographer Team & as a Photo Editor. His work is a beautiful blend of both digital & analog/film photography. And we dare you to find someone who can speak with as much camera gear knowledge as this fella… and cars, music, and pretty much anything for that matter. He’s practically a walking “Rockstar's” show.

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Welcome to Kedar Joshi Photography. We’re absolutely thrilled you’ve chosen to visit our website. We are daily living our dreams as we have the opportunity to photograph weddings, families & editorial features. We love what we do & we believe our work communicates such.Although I work under Kedar Joshi Photography as a Team, So, we’re much more than just one person. Rather, we’re a team of professional photographers. Our home base is in the beautiful Nagpur region, however, we work all over the world. Our desire is to capture your emotions and relationships in a beautiful & timeless manner. We want you to have classic images that remain relevant in spite of trends. Our attention to details & ability to push the boundaries of available light give our images an authentic, photojournalistic feel. We strive to capture the personality of our subjects in such a way that brings an immediate connection to those who know them well. After all, we feel like it’s our job to tell your story.